agop: Aggregation Operators package for R


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Tools supporting multi-criteria decision making, including variable number of criteria, by means of aggregation operators and preordered sets. Possible applications include, but are not limited to, scientometrics and bibliometrics.

“The process of combining several numerical values into a single representative one is called aggregation, and the numerical function performing this process is called aggregation function. This simple definition demonstrates the size of the field of application of aggregation: applied mathematics (e.g. probability, statistics, decision theory), computer science (e.g. artificial intelligence, operation research), as well as many applied fields (economics and finance, pattern recognition and image processing, data fusion, multicriteria decision making, automated reasoning etc.). Although history of aggregation is probably as old as mathematics (think of the arithmetic mean), its existence has reminded underground till only recent (…). [Grabisch et al, 2009, p. xiii]”


  1. A step-by-step guide to the agop package for R: (!!!) current development version, version 0.1-3
  2. Browse the on-line manual [for the latest development version]

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The package started from a light-weight fork of the CITAN package.