TurtleGraphics in R

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The TurtleGraphics package offers R users the so-called “turtle graphics” facilities known from the Logo programming language. The key idea behind the package is to encourage children to learn programming and demonstrate that working with computers can be fun and creative.

The TurtleGraphics package allows to create either simple or sophisticated graphics on the basis of lines.
The main idea is that the Turtle, described by its location and orientation, moves with commands that are relative to its own position. The line that it leaves behind can be controlled, by disabling it or by setting its color and type.


To install the package in R, call:



  1. A step-by-step guide to the TurtleGraphics package for R: (!!!) current development version
  2. Browse the on-line manual

Other Resources

  1. Package’s CRAN entry
  2. Browse sources/contribute on GitHub
  3. Issues tracker on GitHub
  4. R project homepage


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  • Marek Gagolewski <gagolews@rexamine.com>
  • Marcin Kosiński <kosinskim@student.mini.pw.edu.pl>
  • Natalia Potocka <potockan@student.mini.pw.edu.pl>
  • Barbara Żogała-Siudem <zogala@rexamine.com>