FuzzyNumbers Package:
Tools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers in R


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FuzzyNumbers is an open source (LGPL 3) package for R. It provides S4 classes and methods to deal with fuzzy numbers. The package may be used by the practitioners as well as by the researchers in fuzzy numbers theory (e.g. for performing arithmetic operations, preparing figures, generating numerical examples, or testing new algorithms).

Fuzzy set theory lets us effectively and quite intuitively represent imprecise or vague information. Fuzzy numbers, which form a particular subclass of fuzzy sets of the real line, play a significant role in many important both theoretical and practical considerations. This is because we often describe our knowledge about objects through numbers, e.g. “I’m about 180 cm tall” or “The rocket was launched between 2 and 3 p.m.”.

The package aims to provide the following functionality:

  1. Representation of arbitrary fuzzy numbers, as well as their particular types, e.g. trapezoidal and piecewise linear fuzzy numbers,
  2. Defuzzification and approximation by triangular and piecewise linear fuzzy numbers,
  3. Visualization,
  4. Basic arithmetic operations,
  5. Random fuzzy numbers generation [TO DO],
  6. Aggregation [TO DO],
  7. Ranking of fuzzy numbers [TO DO].

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Keywords: Fuzzy Numbers, Fuzzy Sets, Shadowed Sets, Trapezoidal Approximation, Piecewise Linear Approximation, Approximate Reasoning, Imprecision, Vagueness, Randomness.

  1. A step-by-step guide to the FuzzyNumbers package for R: (!!!):
  2. Browse the on-line manual [for the latest development version]

Other Resources

  1. Package record on CRAN
  2. Issues tracker on GitHub
  3. Browse sources/contribute on GitHub
  4. R project homepage


Marek GÄ…golewski [author],
with contributions from Jan Caha

To cite package FuzzyNumbers in publications please use:

Gagolewski M., Caha J. (2015). FuzzyNumbers Package: Tools to deal with fuzzy numbers in R. http://FuzzyNumbers.rexamine.com/.

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