stringi 1.1.1 released

stringi is among the top 10 most downloaded R packages, providing various string processing facilities. A new release comes with a few bugfixes and new features.

* [BUGFIX] #214: allow a regex pattern like `.*`  to match an empty string.

* [BUGFIX] #210: `stri_replace_all_fixed(c("1", "NULL"), "NULL", NA)`
now results in `c("1", NA)`.

* [NEW FEATURE] #199: `stri_sub<-` now allows for ignoring `NA` locations
(a new `omit_na` argument added).

* [NEW FEATURE] #207: `stri_sub<-` now allows for substring insertions
(via `length=0`).

* [NEW FUNCTION] #124: `stri_subset<-` functions added.

* [NEW FEATURE] #216: `stri_detect`, `stri_subset`, `stri_subset<-` gained
a `negate` argument.

* [NEW FUNCTION] #175: `stri_join_list` concatenates all strings
in a list of character vectors. Useful with, e.g., `stri_extract_all_regex`,
`stri_extract_all_words` etc.
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