ShareLaTeX now supports knitr

ShareLaTeX (click here to register a free account) is a wonderful and reliable on-line editor for writing and compiling LaTeX documents “in the cloud” as well as working together in real-time (imagine Google Docs supporting LaTeX => you get ShareLaTeX).

What is even more, the ShareLaTeX team recently announced that now its users are able to prepare documents using knitr! R version 3.0.2 is currently available.

Here is an exemplary chunk in an .Rtex file giving the list of installed packages:

%% begin.rcode
% cat(strwrap(paste(sort(rownames(installed.packages())), collapse=", "), 
%    width=80), sep='\n')
%% end.rcode

which results in:

## KernSmooth, MASS, Matrix, base, bitops, boot, class, cluster, codetools,
## compiler, datasets, digest, evaluate, foreign, formatR, grDevices, graphics,
## grid, highr, knitr, lattice, markdown, methods, mgcv, nlme, nnet, parallel,
## rpart, spatial, splines, stats, stats4, stringr, survival, tcltk, testit,
## tools, utils

Installation of new packages has been disabled (as well as any access to on-line resources). However, you may upload your data sets (e.g. in CSV format) to your projects and read them with R commands. It seems that the compilation takes place in a chrooted-like environment, so it is secure.


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