FuzzyNumbers-0.3-1 released

A new version of the FuzzyNumbers package for R has just been submitted to the CRAN archive.

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                   ** FuzzyNumbers Package CHANGELOG **


0.3-1 /2013-06-23/

* piecewiseLinearApproximation() - general case (any knot.n)
  for method="NearestEuclidean" now available.
  Thus, method="ApproximateNearestEuclidean" is now deprecated.

* New binary arithmetic operators, especially
   for PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumbers: +, -, *, /

* New method: fapply() - applies a function on a PLFN
  using the extension principle

* New methods: as.character(); also used by show().
  This function also allows to generate LaTeX code defining the FN
  (toLaTeX arg thanks to Jan Caha).

* as.FuzzyNumber(), as.TriangularFuzzyNumber(), as.PowerFuzzyNumber(),
  and as.PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumber() are now S4 methods,
  and can be called on objects of type numeric, as well as on
  various FNs

* piecewiseLinearApproximation() and as.PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumber()
  argument `knot.alpha` now defaults to equally distributed knots
  (via given `knot.n`). If `knot.n` is missing, then it is guessed
  from `knot.alpha`. 

* PiecewiseLinearFuzzyNumber() now accepts missing `a1`, `a2`, `a3`,
  `a4`, and `knot.left`, `knot.right` of length `knot.n`+2.
  Moreover, if `knot.n` is not given, then it is guessed from
  length(knot.left).  If `knot.alpha` is missing, then the knots
   will be equally distributed on the interval [0,1].

* alphacut() now always returns a named two-column matrix.
  evaluate() returns a named vector.

* New function: TriangularFuzzyNumber - returns a TrapezoidalFuzzyNumber.

* Function renamed: convert.side to convertSide, convert.alpha
  to convertAlpha, approx.invert to approxInvert

* Added a call to setGeneric("plot", function(x, y, ...) ...
  to avoid a warning on install

* The FuzzyNumbers Tutorial has been properly included
  as the package's vignette

* DiscontinuousFuzzyNumber class has been marked as **EXPERIMENTAL** 
  in the manual

* Man pages extensively updated

* FuzzyNumbers devel repo moved to GitHub
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