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Online documentation for our R packages now available

Online manual for the latest development versions of our R packages is now available at this link. Also, don’t miss the packages’ homepages in the Resources section.

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Documentation of R source code for package developers

R package developers who use the native API written in C will surely be interested in the Roxygen-generated Documentation of R source code. The documentation is based on the SVN R-devel branch and will be updated on a monthly basis

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knitr documents with tikzDevice graphics

Setting up tikzDevice output in knitr may be a frustrating task, but gives outstandingly aesthetic, LaTeX-like figures.

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Configure Kile for knitr under GNU/Linux

Kile – a convenient LaTeX editor – may also be used to prepare knitr-generated reports. Here is how we may make our work much more efficient with a convenient compile-on-keypress feature.

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How to reduce vertical margin before/after knitr output in LaTeX

Annoyed with knitr output taking too much space in your LaTeX documents? Here’s a solution.

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Properly “internationalized” regular expressions in R

We should pay special attention to writing a truly portable code that works in the same fashion under different locales and character encodings. Currently, R has two Regex engines, ERE (via TRE) and PRE (via PCRE). What is surprising, they

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Setting up LaTeX for preparing documents in Polish

Each country has different standards for documents’ typesetting. These include the way we format table of contents, captions for figures and tables, etc. In this post I present my favourite settings for LaTeX documents in Polish.

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LaTeX: Polish babel and amssymb conflict

If you get the following error message while compiling your LaTeX file: ! LaTeX Error: Command `\lll` already defined. it is most probably due to a conflict between the amssymb and Polish babel package.

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